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Verandah Tan is dedicated to bringing you the latest in tanning technologies for all your tanning needs.  We provide many different lotions and intensifiers for you to achieve your best and safest tan.  Whether you are a beginner tanner or a long time tanner we have the products. From bronzers, to tingles, to organics and botanicals, your tanning consultants are trained to help you discover the perfect product to match your skin type and tanning goals.  The best indoor and sunless tanning products from Designer Skin®, California Tan®, Supre Tan® and many more.

Types of Lotions


These types of lotions help the skin naturally achieve deep and dark tanning results.

All accelerators will have an ingredient called unipertan or tyrosine, these are an amino acid that stimulates your own natural pigment productions.

Recommended Tanning Level:  Beginner to Advanced



Bronzers give your skin additional and immediate color through cosmetic bronzers and sunless tanning agents.

Bronzing agents can include a self-tanning agent called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), walnut extract and caramel.

Recommended Tanning Level:  Advanced



An immediate blushed glow and slight reddening occur when more oxygen reached the skin, triggering melanin production.

Varying degrees of tingle let you know when your skin is ready to tan, promoting the deepest, darkest, fastest color possible.

Tingles are effective on areas of the body that due to frequent shaving and exfoliation, such as women’s legs, have difficulty retaining color.

The active ingredient responsible for the tingling sensation is called benzyl nicotinate.

Recommended Tanning Level:  Advanced



Bronzer, Fragrance & Paraben FREE, these types of lotions are designed for those who are prone to allergic reactions in regular tanning lotions.

Please make sure you read all of the ingredients of any lotion used to make sure you are not allergic to any of them.  Ask your tanning consultant for a test sample on your skin before tanning with a hypoallergenic product.

Recommended Tanning Level:  Beginner to Advanced



Healthy skin is of utmost importance for acquiring a dark tan. Indoor as well as outdoor tanning products are specially formulated to provide the skin with vital moisture that is necessary before tanning and also after tanning. Healthier skin has the capacity to hold on to a tan for a longer period of time than unhealthy skin. This gives you the added benefit of being able to achieve a darker, deeper tan by building upon the existing foundation.

Dry skin on the other hand tends to flake, peeling away layers of tan with it. Sunless tanning products and tanning lotions keep your skin constantly moisturized, which is essential during the tanning process. These lotions contain a host of vital ingredients including vitamins, natural oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanical extracts and aloe vera; all of which help boost your tanning efforts. People who do not use tanning lotions and other sunless tanning products do not get the valuable benefits that these nutrients offer.

Tanning without this extra support causes the skin to get dry faster, which causes the tan to fade away in a shorter period of time as the dried skin flakes away.

For best results combine your tanning regimen with a moisturizer specially designed for tanning after care.