Fast, Dark, Look Great!

UV Tanning

Positive Benefits of UV Exposure

Verandah Tan promotes moderation in tanning, properly evaluating your skin type in a responsible and efficient way.  We advise a short exposure time in the beginning with a gradual increase as you start developing your tan.  By controlled exposure the burn is avoided, as your skin develops the ability to tan.  It is recommended that you allow 48 hours between each session to permit your tan to fully develop between visits.  Once you have developed a base tan you can maintain your tan with 1-3 visits per week, depending on your skin type. 

Remember… Avoid sunburn, not sunshine!

Nature's Skin Protection

Sunlight is the best and only source of Vitamin D.  It is commonly known that our natural tanning process provides protection from burning.  We need sunlight for the nutrients and vitamins it provides and moderate sun exposure is good for you.  UV tanning beds and booths mimic the sun.  They give you the same effects of the sun with a controlled level of UV exposure, and less harmful effects, while giving you the benefits of Vitamin D. 

Remember…Tan in Moderation!