Fast, Dark, Look Great!

Tanning Systems

Verandah Tan is equipped with high performance tanning beds that let you to choose the strength and features you want for the best tanning results. They all work great!!!  We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards in cleanliness and customer service.  Our tanning beds are maintained meticulously, checking them daily and keeping them in top condition.  We have 5 levels of tanning power available.

Matrix L33 (Level 5)

The Matrix L33 high pressure tanning bed gives twice the tan in only 12 minutes.  It is a 360 degree high pressure bed that surrounds you with 33 lamps (22,740 watts of tanning power).  You will be tan in about 3 every other day tanning sessions.  It takes about 48-hours to see maximum results from a high pressure tanning session because the light goes deeper.  Maintain great results with just one session per week.  The results are richer, deeper and longer lasting.

6400 Ovation (Level 4)

Experience dark results quickly with the fashionably designed 6400.  This unit gives incredible tanning performance, providing superior results after every session.  The 6400 features 2-250 watt high-pressure shoulder tanners and 4-500 watt facials in addition to the 160 watt Radiance bronzing lamps; giving you an even glow from head to toe.  Enjoy luxurious tanning at its finest!!!  The 6400 has over 9000 watts of tanning power.  12 minute maximum session.

2M Millennium (Level 4 Stand Up)

Maintain your tan with just 2-3 sessions per week.  This stand up booth provides 360 degree results for those hard to reach places.  With 50-200 watt highly reflective lamps (10,000 watts of tanning power) it can even out pressure points and produce an excellent, all over tan in only a 9 minute session.

5400 Ovation (Level 3)

The 5400 has 40 160 watt and 120 watt Radiance bronzing lamps plus 3-400 watt facials, which gives this unit all the power to produce a great tan with less burn in less time.  A perfect combination for every serious tanner.  15 minute maximum session.

3400-3 (Level 2)

This tanning bed is a step up from the 3400 with 3-400 watt facials and 34 Radiance 100 watt reflector lamps.  15 minute maximum session.

3400 (Level 1)

Although the basic unit, the 3400 produces a great tan in a 20 minute session.  This unit does not have     facial tanners.  There are 34 Radiance 100 watt reflector lamps.